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Management Philosophy

Sincerely create products that are always trusted and which satisfy customers, support all employees to live a happy life,

and the company will respond to any changes in the social environment and create a corporate structure that can develop.

Company Precept

  1. 1. We always maintain good interpersonal relationships with a spirit of cooperation, and treat others with the spirit of service.
  2. 2. We have enthusiasm, pride, and awareness in our duties, and will actively work to improve technical skills and creativity.
  3. 3. We value discipline and responsibility, and we hope to contribute to the development of our business and contribute to society through our operations.
 Indonesia Factory
Company Name MARUHACHI CORPORATION (former: Maruhachi Paint Co., Ltd.)
Head Office 2139-2 Nishihiramatsu, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka, JAPAN 438-0067 MAP
TEL 0538-67-1008
FAX 0538-67-1808
Establishment 1968 (Showa 43)
Capital 25 million yen
Representative Tadashi Ando, ​​President and Representative Director
Japan Head Office 2139-2 Nishihiramatsu, Iwata-shi
Site area 7,755m²
Building area 3,600m²
Indonesia Factory

1st Factory
Site area 11.026m²
Building area 8.000m²
2nd Factory
Site area 11.641m²
Building area 6.166m²

Business Description Mold production of two-wheel, four-wheel and resin parts / resin molding / painting and sub-assembly
Main Customer Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


1960 Started polishing business in Higashi-cho, Hamamatsu city.
1968 Established Maruhachi Paint Factory in Hongo-cho, Hamamatsu City with capital of 1 million yen. Started motorcycle metal painting.
1971 Moved to Kusaki, Iwata City.
1972 Started resin coating
1992 Company name changed to Maruhachi Paint Co., Ltd.
2000 ISO9002 certification acquired
2002 ISO14001 certification acquired
2002 Ryuyo Factory established
2004 TPM Excellence Award Class 2
2007 TPM Excellence Award Class 1
2008 PT MARUHACHI INDONESIA second factory established
2012 Indonesia Factory TPM Excellence Award Category B
2013 Head office relocated to Nishihiramatsu, Iwata City
2018 Company name changed to MARUHACHI
2024 Direct Film Insert Method GLOBAL AWARD for Technology and Development
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